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Oriental brunch with Danish twist


(age: 42)

Søborg, Denmark

I am Lithuanian living in Denmark for almost three years, before that I spent ten years in Germany and two years in Istanbul. I enjoy cooking. In Denmark I learnt to bake the famous rye bread. My meals are a mixture of oriental and classic North European flavours. However it is only me and my little daughter to consume our meal, therefore, I don't cook so often (my daughter prefers pasta and sausages). I like to invite friends for brunch on weekends. I find that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In our busy lifes most of us can enjoy breakfast on weekends only. On other days we just swallow our breakfast and flush it down with a cup of coffee. At least on weekends I try to compensate for this. I would like to share the peaceful hygge moments during a brunch time with others. 

English, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, Turkish, little French, little Danish

It is a green area with new buildings in den gammle TV byen, i.e. area where formerly the public television was situated. From the windows you can see a pond with ducks swimming in it. There are a lot of children playing outside if the weather is fine. It is a family friendly neighbourhood. It is possible to brunch outside at the pond if the weather allows. It is also possible to have the brunch in the balcony for a company of two people.

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