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Korma King


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Vanlose , Denmark

Hello everyone! We're Eli and Mandeep, a Danish-British couple based in Copenhagen.
Eli, a comparative linguist with a deep interest in etymology, shares her family's cherished bread recipes from Jutland. Mandeep, an architect from London, has called Copenhagen home for the past 8 years, infusing our culinary experiences with the rich traditions of Punjabi cuisine. Though our household may not be your typical Danish one, we are part of the vibrant community that's drawn to Copenhagen for its renowned work-life balance and cozy lifestyle.
Our life in Copenhagen is deeply connected to our cultural heritage, particularly in the realm of cuisine. Moving here has given these culinary traditions a special place in our daily life, reigniting my passion for Indian cooking and leading to the creation of our supper club, Korma King.
Korma King is more than just a supper club; it's a cultural expedition. Here, you'll savor authentic Indian dishes from my childhood, often with a contemporary Danish twist. Each event is a celebration of Indian culture, focusing on different regions, festivals, or sports, all within a warm and inviting setting. From learning about the vibrant Festival of Colors, Holi, to exploring the intricacies of cricket, there's always something to intrigue and delight.
Our menu starts with street food favorites like Pani Puri, Dahi Vada, and Bhajia, and continues with a range of delectable curries including Lamb Rogan Josh and Korma, as well as vegetarian delights like Chana Masala and Palak Paneer. Complementing these are exotic dishes like Pilau or Saffron Rice, creamy Tardka Dals, and an assortment of bread such as Naan and Chapatis, all accompanied by various Chutneys and Pickles. Each dish is homemade, freshly prepared in a traditional Thali setting, and we happily cater to vegetarian and vegan preferences. For those with a culinary interest, there's also the opportunity to participate in the cooking!
Located just 15 minutes from the city center, our supper club is easily accessible by bus, train, car, or bike.
Join us on Instagram to discover more about our culinary adventures: @thekormaking #kormaking


Vanlose, Greater Copenhagen


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