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Learn to Cook and Eat Traditional Turkish Food

Gülşah Ayhan

(age: 47)

Istanbul, Turkey

I am Gülşah, a marketing professional in business life and a chef in my house.

I love to cook traditional Turkish dishes with recipes I learned from my grandmother. And share it with friends. You know why? Because I believe meal becomes delicious when you share it with someone.

We wil meet, do shopping, cook and eat together.
It is a 3 hour activity. First I will meet you at Osmanbey metro station and on the way to home we will shop for some of our ingredients from local sellers.
As we arrive my home, we directly go to the kitchen and begin to cook:
- Dry Bean (with or without meat- depends on your choice) - Rice - Cacık
we will prepare all food together. I will provide recipes for you. Also I will give you all explanations about ingredients, their other uses / applications on different recipes.
After we got this main course, we will go back to the kitchen and prepare dessert. If we are in the season, we will prepare pumpkin dessert with tahini, otherwise semolina. We will have our dessert of course with Turkish Coffee, and I will show you how to prepare it.


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