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What are we having for dinner, mum?

Sanne Jakobsen

(age: 48)

København N, Denmark

We are a family of four, myself Sanne, my American husband Greg and my two sons Jakob, 12 years old and Emil 9 years old. I work in tourism - I'm the manager of the guides in the Copenhagen Canal Tour. Greg was a lawyer but is now a full time writer. Jakob and Emil goes to school and plays a lot of football. We enjoy travelling and spending time with family, particularly my sister and her two kids who live downstairs from us, so it is not unlikely you'll get to meet them too.  

Danish, English

We live in Nørrebro, 2 years ago voted the coolest neighborhood in the world by Time Out Magazine. It's a vibrant multicultural area, with families, students and older people living side by side.


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