We barbecue wonderful Pork Roast :)

Hanne's cosy Danish home in Ebeltoft, Jutland

(age: 66)

Ebeltoft, Denmark

We - Ole and I - are a couple at our best age - still married for more than 20 years :-), and we have all our life appreciated travelling round the world to experience other cultures, different kind of food prepared and served by wonderful people. We still travel a lot but also feel that we owe tourists coming to Denmark the same warm feeling of being welcome by preparing and sharing a meal with them.

Scandinavian, English and German

We live right outside one of the oldest but best preserved coastal towns in Denmark with a wonderful mediaeval town center. The surroundings right outside our doorstep invite you to go trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, swimming and sailing both in the protected waters in Ebeltoft Bay but also in Kattegat from one of the best beaches at the east coast.

Teacher at Aarhus Business College

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