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This video from 'Go Aften Danmark' is in Danish and quite old but it still gives a good insight of 'How it is to be a Host'.
The guest price is now DKK 556 (85 USD) where you as a host get 70%. The phone number is now: +45 2328 4347

'Meet the Danes' is a unique opportunity to meet people from around the world. Many tourists / travellers are interested in our daily
lives, our educational system, our culture and lifestyle and to meet the 'cosy' and 'happy' Danes over a homemade dinner.

If you love to cook and meet new people then Sign Up and become a Host today. Join our growing community and be part of an exciting
cultural exchange and personal experience with people from other parts of the world.

During these events it's best if there are two people present (but not a most). It can be your partner, neighbours, friends or teenage

The dinner will ideally be inspired by 'Scandinavian' cuisine so that our guests experience something special from Denmark / Scandinavia
but it can be anything you like to cook. Do always ask the guest if they have any allergies or dislikes.

We suggest that you make a nice and presentable meal as you would serve if you otherwise have guests.
The menu has to be a 3 course dinner but you decide what you would like to serve.

Beverages for the lunch/dinner served should be: beer or wine and water. Maybe a cup of coffee or tea.

As a Host you get paid 70% of the guest price which is DKK 556 (85 USD) per adult and half price per child between 8 and 13 years. Children under 8 years are free of charge.

You are welcome to contact us for further information: [email protected]

Article on Wonderful Copenhagen's site about Meet the Danes

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