How it works

'Meet the Danes' is a concept created and founded in 2001 by Anett W├Žber from Copenhagen.

Our concept where you can Meet with the Locals has become well known outside Denmark and is based on the idea, that our local hosts welcome travellers from around the world into their homes and spend approx. 3-4 hours over a home cooked dinner.

Normally from around 6.30 pm to around 10 pm. You can arrange otherwise with your host.

Grab this opportunity to Meet with the Locals where you get an extraordinary, personal and authentic experience. Sign up and connect with one of our hosts today!

You will be served 3 courses with wine or beer
Your host will prepare a homemade dinner in a cosy environment where the social interaction is in focus and you share culture & talk.

There is also an option for lunch, but please be aware, that most of our hosts are working people, why Saturday and Sunday might be better for lunch.

Always ask the host what is best.

The guest price per adult is DKK 682 (USD 90) and half price per child between 8 and 13 years. Children under 8 years are free of charge.

PS. Be aware that your confirmation mail and chat messages might be in your spam box.

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