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(age: 33)

Vejle, South Jutland, Denmark

We are a young couple, I'm from South Korea, and Leon is from Denmark who was born there. We met each other in the restaurant where Leon was the cook in Copenhagen, we fell in love and we got married. Leon's parents moved from Hong Kong to Denmark in the early 70'es.  So our food dishes is based on chinese, korean and danish style, but we also make much modern and fusion that mixes East and West. We also serve a wide variety of dishes, including vietnamese spring rolls, mexican tacos, japanese homemade rolls and pancakes, depending on our daily grocery and ideas on the giving day. On the other side we can also be the typical young couple who likes pizza or burger with fries and kebab takeaway on weekends when we are lazy. If we are a bit more diligent, we do homemade pizza or burgers ourself. We also love trying new cuisine in various restaurants, such as indian curry, south american, thai or italian and so on. I have been working in hospitality, tourism and services for many years, and now I'm still working as a freelancer, and Leon is a professional cook with a lot of experiences. We love our job very much, and it's motivating in many ways. It might be a reason why we become a host.

Danish, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese (Cantonese), a tiny bit Japanese and German

We are living in town house, in a quiet and green and peaceful area which is close to Vejle city center.

Mimi - Freelancer in Service, Hospitality and Tourism & Leon - Cook

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