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Danish "hygge"

Anne Marie, Michael & daughters in Gentofte, Greater Copenhagen

Description: We love to host and entertain quests with Michaels hopeless jokes and Anne Maries good, Danish fo...

Age: 58 years old

Languages: English, Danish

Max 6 persons per event

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A little bit of everything

Marianne in Valby, Copenhagen

Description: Hi, I'm Marianne. I have been with meetthedanes for quite some time now and I just love to host g...

Age: 58 years old

Languages: English, scandinavian

Max 3 persons per event

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New Nordic and World cuisine

Family Lindgreen in Valby, Copenhagen

Description: We are both warm and welcoming people, that love to meet new acquaintances.I am Icelandic, but ha...

Age: 51 years old

Languages: Danish, Icelandic, English & Scandinavian

Max 6 persons per event

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Korma King


Description: Hello to all! I am an architect originally from London and have lived and worked in Copenhagen fo...

Age: 37 years old

Languages: English

Max 12 persons per event

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Food like my grandma makes

Christine and friends

Description: I’m Christine and I’m living in a small city in the city of Copenhagen.I like to travel and exper...

Age: 35 years old

Languages: Danish, Swedish and English

Max 5 persons per event

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Fish dinner

Fish with Jan

Description: In my little flat in the middle of Copenhagen, to be more exact in the nice area of Christianshav...

Age: 80 years old

Languages: English Swedish Danish

Max 4 persons per event

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Dinner with a small family

Jesper & Pernille in Aarhus, Jutland

Description: We are a small family with a 2 year old boy and a 1 month old baby. We like to cook and eat all s...

Age: 39 years old

Languages: Danish, English

Max 4 persons per event